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Dongji 동지

Dongji falls on December 22nd in the solar calendar. It is the day with the shortest daytime hours and longest night hours. In traditional societies people used to call Dongji “little new years” and was considered a festive day that follows new years. Old proverbs such as “You must pass Dongji to grow one year older” or “You must eat adzuki bean porridge to grow one year older” are derived from this custom.

adzuki bean porridge 동지팥죽

adzuki bean porridge 동지팥죽

People used to make bird egg shaped balls with glutinous rice to add to their adzuki bean porridge. These balls were dipped with honey to add an extra taste and were used as seasonal foods used for offerings to ancestors. People also used to smear the porridge on their doors because they believed that adzuki bean porridge scarred away ghosts.