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Chuseok 추석

Chuseok, also known as Hangawee, falls on the15th day of the 8th lunar month and is one of the four mainfestive holidays of Korea.In ancient society, people used to worship and hold festivals under the full moon. It is said that Chuseok is derived from the full moon, which was on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month.


Bulcho and Sungmyo
Bulcho is the tradition of cutting the weeds around one’s ancestral graves during Chuseok. Paying a visit to one’s ancestral graves is considered as a duty towards one’s ancestors.

Bulcho 벌 초

Bulcho 벌 초

Chare (Memorial rites)
During the morning of Chuseok, families gather around the head family house where the household shrines are placed to pay respects to their ancestors. Their memorial rites are offered up to their great-great grandfather. The only thing different from the memorial rites held during new years and that held in Chuseok, is that during Chuseok people eat rice instead of rice cake soup.

Ganggangsulle is a traditional circle dance, where women gather at a specified place and go around in circles chanting “Gang-gang-sul-le.” If a woman with a strong voice stands in the middle chanting gang-gang-sul-le, the rest of the people in the circle follow.

Ganggangsulle 강강술래

Ganggangsulle 강강술래

Gama Fight
This game is played by two teams, each with a four wheeled sedan chair, that try to either snatch or destroy each others’ sedan chairs. Since long ago, winners of this game were believed to easily pass the civil service examination and are said to have celebrated their victory by going around the town singing.