Chilseok 칠석

03 Mar

Chilseok is on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month. Traditionally, this is the day when a special ceremony is held for the stars that symbolize the annual encounter of the Gyeonu and Jiknyeo planets placed on each end of the galaxy. According to myths, Gyeonu and Jiknyeo’s love for each other brought the anger of the King of Heaven and therefore met once a year the night before Chilseok across the galaxy. Crows and magpies are said to have gathered to form a bridge for the two lovers’ reunion, and this bridge was called the Ojakgyo.

Gyeonu and Jiknyeo

Gyeonu and Jiknyeo


Chilseok is a period where the heat starts to pass away and the monsoon season begins. The rain that falls during this period is called Chilseok water. As pumpkins, cucumbers, and melons start to flourish during this period, people used to offer a pumpkin fry to the Great Dipper, although this custom is not practiced these days.

Dietary Customs

During Chilseok, it is tradition to eat wheat-flour noodles and grilled wheat cake. Chilseok is known as the last period to have a chance of enjoying wheat based foods, since the cold winds expected after Chilseok ruin thegood scent of wheat. Therefore these dishes are a must for the dinner table.

wheat-flour noodles 밀국수

wheat-flour noodles 밀국수

grilled wheat cake 밀전병

grilled wheat cake 밀전병

grilled wheat cake 밀전병

grilled wheat cake 밀전병


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