Sambok 삼복

02 Mar

Sambok is known as the hottest period of the year and is comprised of the first, middle, and last bok days to be called the Sam-(three) bok heat period. To avoid suffering from heat during the last of the dog days, many people eat dog soup, also known as Boshintang.

Samgaetang 삼계탕

Samgaetang 삼계탕

Because eating dog dishes is considered bad luck according to different regions, many enjoy ginseng chicken broth instead. The ginseng chicken broth, also known as Samgaetang, is made by mixing chicken, ginseng, jujube, and glutinous rice, and is said to help regain energy. In addition, people eat rice and adzuki bean porridge during this period to avoid suffering from heat and disease.


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